Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Burlap Wreath

Hey there, today I wanted to share my new Fall Burlap Wreath I made yesterday for my front door. This was my first attempt at making a burlap wreath and lets just say I definitely will be making more, I LOVE it!  So I bought the wreath frame, & sparkle ribbons at Hobby Lobby, the burlap ribbon at wal-mart, the flower at Michaels and the pine cones I had in my stash. The wreath was easy to do, just kept looping the burlap through the slots of the wreath frame until it was all full. You can find directions to do this all over the net, by just googling it. Ok so then I wanted a pretty flower but I also wanted to add pine cones so that's were the idea came to me to combine them. I first decided how big I wanted it to be by laying out the pine cones in a circle behind my flower. I cut out a circle from cardboard (I used a juice box container) and two circles from felt. I sandwiched the card board between the felt to make it sturdy and used that as the base to glue the pine cones and flower on. I threaded some wire through the finished flower piece from behind to attach it to the wreath. I added a sparkle bow behind the flower using orange and brown sparkle ribbon layered, and the brown helped to tone down the orange. I love how it turned out. I added a strip of burlap as a hanger and that's it!  Check out my pictures...

wreath done and ready for a little decoration

pine cones all glued down and used a handy silicone mat
for this which is awesome! no glue sticks to it!

almost done  :0)

finished flower piece

sparkle ribbons

all hung up (of course using a command hook)

the bow and flower turned out perfect!

Well that's it, the wreath is hung and I am just loving looking at it. I will for sure be making more and for my craft shows now to. I have to make some for friends next then I will work on some Christmas ones. 
Well have a great rest of the week and weekend, my daughter has her last volley ball game tonight and then next week will be playoffs and stuff so should be fun  :0)