Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Fairy Birthday Party

Hi there!  So here it is, the fairy birthday party I had for my Samantha. I would love to say it went perfectly and I got tons of amazing pictures but that is not the case. My older daughter was supposed to be helping me in the picture taking department but got a little sidetracked and we didn't get pictures of everything I wanted. But with that said, the party was very fun and everyone had so much fun playing and being a fairy princess. And the rain waited until everyone had gone home which was very nice because it poured and blew my tents all over the place that I had set up. The hubby didn't use the stakes on the tents-bad decision- so at least it waited to do all that.
   Let me start with the printables I ordered from Heather at  they were her garden fairy themed set and I just loved them! I loved being able to order certain items or an entire set if I chose. I had never ordered printables before but I definitely will again  :0)  And Heather was so awesome to work with.
   I wanted to do a garden fairy theme, not the typical Disney tinkerbell. Don't get me wrong, we do love our Disney around here. So I decided on pinks, greens, purples, turquoise, soft yellow etc...  basically girlie spring like colors. I truly love styling the kids birthday parties and always have. I always have ideas on what we can do, that it feels like it takes so long waiting for the birthdays to come around! We had two days of party time, we did a friends party on day one and then a family party on day two.  I hope you enjoy Samantha's garden fairy birthday party, here are alot of pictures to check out...
 ~~The sweets stand~~
~The sweet stand on day one~
My hubby and I made the stand, I used my trusty Command
velcro strips to attach the pink topper to the stand.
The letters I had cut out from a local print shop because
I do not have the Cameo-yet- it's on my wish list  :0)

Her cake I ordered from Publix, I opted to take the easy way
this day, and we really love our Publix cakes around here.

Fairy Kisses
using a food label from the printable set

Bubblegum tubes
using a cute tag from the printable set, and tubes
from Bloom Designs

mini powdered sugar donuts

~The sweets stand on day two~

This day I made angle food cupcakes
with a swiss butter cream frosting I 
got from the Martha Stewart site

cupcake in the printable cupcake wrapper
from the printable set

so pretty

I bought that picture frame, from Michaels and painted, glittered, and embellished it
 and it was the perfect addition

Birthday girl blowing out her candles
 ~~The girls table~~
Birthday girl with her cup that I made, 
can you tell she got makeup as a gift :0)

Each girl had a personalized cup and a flower bowl
with fairy gummies at her seat

I really love how these turned out! I found the
bird cages on clearance at Michaels, sparkle grass
for .15 at Hobby Lobby, and the rest from Michaels
of course on sale

another bird cage

Mushroom from Hobby Lobby
Figurines from Michaels
I originally had the moss to run down the center and we just
could not tolerate the smell it had so that was a scratch and 
left us with a more simple table scape
~~The food~~
chickabug printable food label 

Now we did have more foods, but this is where my helper 
got sidetracked, I think she took a break to eat and 
well just forgot to finish taking pictures :0)
~~Drink table~~

The back of the table is where we set the water bottles

paper straws from Hobby Lobby

The water bottle labels from the printable set
I really loved these! and the wording was so super cute!


The printable banner
I love the colors in this set!

a wing set my daughter already had and I just glued a 
flower to the center

I am really loving paper lanterns! I got these from Michaels
and on clearance! I just love how you can take them apart
to store for another use, and they are so pretty  :0)


The Thank you printable flyer 
I put it in a clear frame and set it next to the fairy 
favor bags I had made for each guest

chickabug printable

Well I think that is about all for photos I can squeeze into one post. I wish I had more pictures of the girls activities they did but I do not. They painted a fairy house, made bracelets, and colored fairy pictures.
I hope you liked the party and I am definitely happy I used the printables from chickabug and will 
shop with Heather again for my parties.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. WOWZA! look at all the wonderful work you did Jen! i bet it was and will be one of the happiest days for Samantha! :>D

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! She did have so much fun with her party :)


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