Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fairy Wands

Hey there,  so today I want to share how I made the fairy wands for my Samantha's Fairy party. First let me say my inspiration for them was one we saw at the Disney store and it was super pretty, so I bought that one for the birthday girl and decided to make similar ones for her guests.
                                                                     The inspiration....
~like the adorable bottle label, it is from  ~

First I bought some bunches of silk flowers in purples and pinks. I clipped off stems and regrouped my clusters as I wanted. The inspiration wand was mainly pink and green so I decided to have the guests wands be mainly purple and green.

I used some spray glue and glitter to make the flowers very sparkly, that was a bit messy but worth it.
I bought a garland of glitter purple butterflies ~from Hobby Lobby~ and cut each one off the ribbon strand and made them into a pick for the wand. I used an empty stem from the flower bunches I cut off and hot glued one end to a purple felt circle I die cut with my spellbinder die set. Then glued the butterfly to that circle sandwiching the stem in between. Then I used floral tape to wrap the flower cluster together.


Butterfly picks
I then cut large circles from glittery tulle and cut a small hole in the center of each. I put the flower cluster in the hole and had it slide up to the bottom of the flowers and added a bit more floral tape to help secure the bunch enough to glue into the wands.

For the wands I went to Home Depot and bought a piece of plastic tube, not to big in diameter, and not a bendy one either  :0)  Didn't want droopy wands. Then I had the hubby cut them down for me. I wrapped the tube with wide satin green ribbon and a thinner lavender ribbon at an angle and hot glued one end into the tube end and cut the other just above the tube, I glued the flower cluster into that end. Then I found some jewels at Michaels and glued one to the end of the wands.

I then tied some ribbons just under the flowers and tied a bow and left some to just hang. I used a small curling iron and curled the ribbons. and that was it! They girls all just LOVED them  :0)

They each had a pretty halo to wear also that I made with a wire garland I found at Michaels during the spring and just cut each down to size then just tied on similar color curling ribbons. Easy and cute and also inexpensive, my favorite!

Well that's all for today, I hope you liked my version of fairy wands and halos  :)
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week and holiday weekend!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday printable wreath

Hey all!  ok so today I am going to share the wreath I made from a birthday printable set I had ordered from Heather at for my Samantha's 5th birthday party. I was super happy with my printables, and it was the first time I had ordered them and now will again for sure ;0) 
ok so here are my easy directions for my wreath....

First I found a metal ring in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby for under a dollar {gotta love that!}
Second  I printed out my printable sign and trimmed the edges some, and punched holes in each corner.
Third I gathered all my scrap pieces of ribbons from my ribbon buckets {yes buckets, doesn't every paper scrapper have those?! hehe } ones that coordinated  with my printable.

Fourth  I began to tie all the small ribbons onto my ring until it was completely full, I grouped my ribbons into colors and added them to my ring in that order. I also added a sheer ribbon to the printable sign in each corner.

Fifth  I tied the sign onto the ring and added a ribbon to hang it up with.

Done!   See how easy was that and adorable!! I just love ribbons {ya sort of an addiction :0) }  so then all I did was hang it up using a command hook- and I am a huge fan of those hooks, LOVE them-

and here it is on the front door...
So that's all for today, but check back soon for another DIY birthday project I made!
Have a great day

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yummy S'mores bars

Good morning... well yesterday I saw this recipe over at one of my favorite sites and after trying them I thought I just had to share it. I have to admit I do like s'mores but I can have 1 or 2 and I'm done for awhile, but my kids can eat way more ;0)  So when I saw this recipe and it combined a chocolate chip cookie with the s'mores I thought hmmm sounds good. So my daughter made them and boy are they super yummy!! They are chewy like the cookie with all the s'mores added to that. I am trying to make myself wait until closer to lunch time to have one this morning! that's how good they are and I don't know if I can make it! :0) So if you want the recipe go   here   and you will not be disappointed. We did not have the mini marshmallows so we cut the regular sized ones we had into fourths for the recipe.

  Well last weekend we celebrated my oldest daughter, Hannah's birthday. She said she didn't want a huge party, just a couple friends to go do some fun stuff with. So we took her and a few friends to a family amusement park and had a great time. Now I have my other daughter Samantha's birthday coming up and we are having a big party for her- she LOVES parties- so for her the bigger the better :0)  and she is almost 5 so she loves anything being all about her. I have been very busy planning this party for months and making a lot of cute stuff. I ordered printables from   and they are super cute for Samantha's  garden fairy princess theme. I plan on sharing the projects I have made for her party soon. Then the party pics in a few weeks. She is so excited that we are finally in the month of August so the countdown has begun for her birthday celebrations :0)  AND she had her first permanent tooth cut through yesterday!! her baby tooth in that spot is barely loose so we are hoping as the big tooth comes in and her daily gentle wiggling that the baby tooth will come out without any help from the dentist.  So exciting!

 So that's about all for today, go make these super yummy bars and enjoy!