Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oero dessert- sort of

Ok so my daughter Hannah decided to make an oreo dessert she found on Pinterest last week. Well she wasn't sure where she went wrong, especially since we have made oreo desserts many times before with our own recipe, but it did not set up and was quite sloppy looking....

sooo what to do???  well definitely not pitch it! It's oreo dessert!! 

So I made the suggestion of putting it in the blender and making shakes out of it

So Hannah started scooping it out of the pan and into the blender

Here it is all blended, and it looked like a chocolate shake 
and tasted like an oreo shake! YUM!!

So after blending the entire pan of dessert, we have super yummy shakes!
But as a caution- it was SUPER sweet so unless you enjoy belly aches
 I would only enjoy one glass full  :0)   {the hubby learned the hard way}

I have been working on birthday decorations lately and will be posting them soon.
I also am almost finished with the kids bathroom redo, it always seems like the last finishing 
touches I have in mind, take forever to find to finish the project! so frustrating. 
Well have a great week and weekend!

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