Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pink Lemonade Marshmallows

Hi there!  Today I have a yummy recipe for Pink Lemonade Marshmallows. This recipe is from a book called  ~*~ Marshmallow Madness by Shauna Sever ~*~
I am just having fun making homemade marshmallows! They are much easier than I thought they would be to make, and this book has so many different recipes, it's amazing :0)  There are so many I want to try yet. Tomorrow I am making raspberry ones that I will share next week, I can't wait to try them because red raspberry is my absolute favorite berry!!  I could eat them everyday and wish I had a huge patch of my own to pick from  :0)  But I don't so for now I have to buy them up, when they are in season, at the store and then I buy frozen. Ok so on with my pretty Pink Lemonade Marshmallows....
I followed this recipe, and I used a pink lemonade kool-aid packet....

See how she breaks the recipe up into sections, I love that and it makes it super easy to follow


cut this into squares

 So I decided to dip the edges of the marshmallows in a mixture of Country Time Pink Lemonade drink mix and sugar~ equal amounts~ 
I love, and always have on hand, Country Time Lemonade drink mix

The sugar helped to balance the tartness of the drink mix and it gave the marshmallows just the right amount of tart and sweet  :0)
So there ya have it, and you should try to make some homemade marshmallows!  I do have to say this is a very helpful and fun marshmallow cookbook to have and it also helps to have a stand mixer ;0)
You can get the cookbook at Michaels

Have a great week!

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