Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kids Easter Table Decorations

Hi there! So today I am sharing my Kids Easter table decorations.

We set up a kids table on the porch at my in laws, for a couple reasons. First there are alot of kids in our family, so we all don't fit inside at the main table, and second I love decorating for parties and stuff!!  I used streamers to make a cute "wall", in spring colors. For the table I had the paper "grass" from last year so I used that down the center and placed peep chicks and eggs throughout. They did double duty to help hold the grass down, because it did get breezy and for decoration. I attached some yellow rick rack to a huge pink margarita cup I had and placed that in the middle of the table and filled it with jelly beans, dum dum suckers and a scoop. I placed my cupcake stands-that I just love!- on each side of the huge cup and filled them with the super adorable chick cupcakes made completely by my Hannah and some peep chicks. I also tied some streamer on the stands. Each kid got a water bottle with a cute Happy Easter label done by my SIL. I wrapped the fork and spoon in some streamer and tucked a smartie candy into each bundle also. The little kiddos got a container of playdough wrapped in some chevron scrapbook paper, and a cupcake liner on top, then a chick or bunny head filled with jelly beans on top. They all love playdough and when I had seen it on  Echoes of laughter -just click there and you can see her post that I got the idea from- I knew I wanted to make them. Hers are cuter, I could not find any of the cute bunny head eggs that she had, so I had to make do with what I found  :0)  We did a nature scavenger hunt and after that each kid got a cool goodie bag. They all had fun and it was a Blessed day!
Before I share pictures I just have to tell you of my hubbys great idea he had for fun...he wanted to have an egg fight-with raw eggs!!!- YUCK! as you can guess I did NOT join in on that "fun" game  :0)  It was my hubby and two of the boys (nephews), and yes each had some egg on them in the end, again YUCK!!
Ok so here are the photos....

aren't those cupcakes so cute  :0)

The egg fight

who will get who first...

my hubby running, and out of eggs!

Well that's all for our Easter fun today, I have some projects in the works and will post soon. Check back soon for my post on my awesome prize package I won last week from Hoopla Palooza !!  I was shocked I won and super happy :0)  Things have been a little off schedule with my youngest sick the past few days. 
Have a great week!


  1. great job on the easter decor Jen! i'd be hiding from the raw egg fight too LOL :)

    1. oh and i see you put my button up on your blog! THANK YOU!!!! that is SO awesomely sweet :>D

    2. Thanks Lisa! and your so welcome, I think your blog is so much fun! Im going to hop over there now :0)


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