Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whatcha Workin' on...Pink Princess wreath

Hi there...Whatcha workin' on?
Well today I am going to share my Pink Princess wreath I made for my little Princess. What little Princess doesn't like pink right?!  Well this wreath is an overload of Pink with a touch of purple and some sparkle to!** ~gotta have plenty of sparkle~**

 ok so here is how I made the wreath....
Supplies I used:   foam wreath form (from craft stores)
                             tulle (I bought 4 yds. of each color, but you can get a little less, I wanted left over)
                             wooden letter (from craft stores)
                              foam crown
                              sparkle jewels
                              Princess rub on and white paper
                              mod podge or glue
                              hot glue gun and glue
ok so first I covered the green wreath form in a length of tulle maybe about a yard long but I really forgot to measure that, I just wrapped it around the form until it was all covered good. Then I cut the tulle width wise- what it was off the bolt was 28"- I left it folded in half like it came from the bolt then accordian folded it just to make cutting easier. I cut it in about 91/2" widths and 19" long, so I had rectangles to work with.  But you can cut yours longer if you want longer fluff around the edges  :0)  I took two layers at a time and folded that in half then wrapped around the wreath frame and pulled tight.* see at the pics below* I kept doing that all the way around making sure they were close and snug. I used some wire and looped it through one of the sections and made the hanger on the back to hang up. My hubby drilled some tiny holes in the letter to use some wire to attach to the wreath.  I used mod podge on the letter- doing the front and edges one at a time for dry time- then sprinkled glitter on and let dry. I also did the same to add glitter to the crown. I added the rub on to my cardstock then cut out. After attaching the letter I hot glued the crown to the letter and the rub on to the wreath. Then for added sparkle I hot glued some diamond jewels over the holes on the letter. That's it!  Sure to please any sweet Princess!

wrapping the wreath form

all wrapped

the rectangle sections folded in half, wrapped around form...

pulling the ends through the loop, then pull tight

keep wrapping all the way around...

until it looks similar to this, full and fluffy...

the letter and embellishments

love mod podge and glitter :0)
 well there you have it, a cute decor for a little girls room that was not hard to do and didn't take long! Now my oldest daughter wants one for her door ~not Princess of course~ she is a teenager so I'm guessing some bright colors will be her pick  :0)  I will post that one in the near future I'm sure.
 So as you see the bedroom pictures are still not ready, those curtain panels are taking a lil longer so it will have to wait ~pfft!~

 Hope you have a great week and get to do some crafting as well!
~*~ Blessings~*~

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