Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hair bow and head band holder

Hi there!  This weeks Whatcha' workin' on Wednesday is my ~or I should say Samantha's~ new hair bow and headband holder. Let me start with saying yes she is my complete girly girl like I have said before so along with that comes plenty and I mean plenty of hair accessories! They were over flowing the drawer she has in the bathroom so I decided to take action and create something pretty and functional for her pretties  :0)  
 I have made photo holders before so I decided to do the same idea only change the size. Well off to the store to find just the right fabric, it had to be Samantha approved and pretty with sparkle if possible. She LOVES sparkle! Sooo  we found this striped sparkly fabric that the colors were good and Samantha loved it. So here is my pictures and how I made it....
Supplies: plywood cut to your size needed, fabric, batting, ribbon, upholstery tacks, sparkly gems~opt.~, staple gun, glue gun and glue, hammer, craft tacky glue, and a hanger or two for the back to hang up.


First lay down the fabric and cut leaving like 4" all the way around
the wood, do the same for the batting. Lay down the wood on the 
batting and wrap around the edges and staple all the way around.
Lay the fabric face down and place the batting covered wood on it
and wrap the edges and staple all the way around.

Figure out how far you want your ribbons spaced and cut them
with about 3-4" extra on each end. Figure where you want them
placed and wrap around and staple, making sure to keep them
lined up and snug. My fabric made it easy, I just followed the lines :0)

the ribbon I decided to use~ a lil' ruffly~

Then I cut more of my fabric, the same size as my board.
I pressed all the edges 1/2" down and glued that to the back
to cover all my other edges.

Now figure where you want your tacks to go. I used a nail 
to start my holes then put the tacks in, and hammered them down.

I used my craft tacky glue to attach the gems, but you could 
also use hot glue if you prefer.

I added some hangers to the back...

and here it is all hung and ready to fill!

Just some of her hair stuff! 

All finished and very full! I placed it right next to her mirror and purses, she is always in front
of her mirror  :0)   I figure when she out grows the hair pretties she can use it for a picture holder.

Well that's all for this week, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

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