Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whatcha workin' on Wednesday-Chair pad makeover

Hey there, happy Wednesday! Well I have decided to make Wednesdays my "Whatcha workin' on Wednesday?"  I will see how it will go since my plans of creating and crafting always seem to be interrupted or postponed by, well, life and kids! So this is my first post {grin}  ok so I decided to share my chair pad makeover I did today. The make part is making the plain cheap chair pads pretty.  My original idea was to make these for my stools at my bar counter but after they were finished I didn't like how they still looked to small for the seat of the stool. Sooo I looked around and found the perfect places to put them, on my daughters chair and rocking chair! They fit just fine and boy did I make her happy :0)   ok so here is the basic supplies I used: The 4 pack of chair pads from good old Wal-Mart, and kitchen towels ( I actually bought these on vacation from a store that has lots always and cheap and my fav color tones). I used two towels for each chair pad. The ties are made from the extra pieces of towel. It was pretty easy to do. Check out the pictures below.....

template I made

my supplies


I cut the strips 1 1/2" wide, folded in half and pressed

folded each edge in and pressed

The ties all sewn
Tuck 2 ties on the inside on each corner before sewing :)

Roll the chair pad up and stuff in

Fold open edges in and sew closed

Chair pad for her desk chair

Chair pad for her rocking chair.
Well all in all I think my idea turned out pretty good, maybe not for what I originally wanted it for, but it definitely was not wasted. Samantha loves her "new" chairs and I am happy to  :0)
So what are you workin' on???


  1. Is wonderful your blog and your work, congratulations. kisses from Spain.

    1. Thanks so much! and for stopping by! :)

  2. You did a great job on this's not easy to do! I cleaned my sewing area up today. Now maybe I can do a little sewing this weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. Thanks Diane! Have fun sewing and creating :)
      Blessings, Jen


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