Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whatcha workin' on....

Well... what are you workin' on?  I did not post last week because I have been painting my bedroom and bathroom and let me say it was a big job that I'm glad is done! Well the painting is done but now I'm putting things back and still have some more things to take care of before I do a reveal  :0)   I need to make some curtains yet and stuff. So hopefully next week I will show my "new" rooms.  For now I have been planting some flowers on our front porch, making crafts with my lil' Samantha, and finally got all the pieces cut for two candle mats I'm trying to start. All that between going to Baseball games to. So needless to say there is just not enough time in the days! 
  Ok so here are some pics of the fun workins' going around at my home.....

she loves glue dots {me to!}

 proud of her owl tree house!

candle mats ready for placement and stitching

my baseball guy batting
That's about all, finally blogger was cooperating with me and let me load the pictures! It was giving me grief yesterday so that's why I'm late, after 8 or 9 tries I had to walk away  :0)  
Flower pictures will come soon also as I get more in pots. This time of year I just love all the flowers and want to add them all around the outside but you would think I would learn by now that all they do is die once I get them home! I just forget to water them and I have to haul water from the closest spout, so it just doesn't always work out. But I try  :0)    Well I will be sewing this weekend getting my curtains made and putting the finishing touches on my rooms to show next week. Can you believe it is already practically March!!!  boy the days just seem to be flying by. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Whatcha workin' on...

Ok so as you can see my Whatcha workin' on Wednesday over flowed into Thursday this week!
 I made sugar cookies to take into my Samantha's class party today and I made the cookies last night and waited to frost them until this morning, so that's how this post is a lil' late  :0)  So the recipe for these super yummy cookies I found on I Heart Naptime and just had to try them -I have to say my favorite cookie is a simple sugar cookie- yummmm!  ok moving on, you can find this recipe for the cookies and frostings  HERE  and let me say they turned out sooo yummy, I made mine with the butter cream frosting. I just love her site!
 I also have been busy putting a fresh coat of paint on my master bedroom and bathroom. I started with the trim and am so in love with the color, mind you I have been looking for awhile for the right color that I have been envisioning in my head  :0)  I wanted a prim brown tone with slight touches of a grey green in it!?!  ya your probably thinking I am crazy but I knew what I wanted and it was just finding it. I did then at Home Depot, the color is called Cacao from Behr. I LOVE it  and it's even better up on the trim :0) I put the last coat on yesterday and so this afternoon I will remove all the tape, then next week I will start the walls. That is going to be a huge project! we have high ceilings and I am not looking forward to it, but I want this checked off the to do list so I will just turn my music up and paint away! I am taking pictures as I am going so I can do a post of the new rooms, can't wait!
 Then I have also been putting together Samantha's Valentines for her class and teachers. She wanted to decorate bags so we used white lunch sacks and she put glitter foam hearts on them and topped them with a red doilie tied with some bakers twine for the kids and filled them with goodies. For the teachers I filled bottles -starbucks frap drinks- that I had with pink Hershey kisses and tied a glitter tulle bow on each, with a cute tag, and covered the lid. Then Sam made a card for each teacher. I love saving bottles and containers to reuse like that!
So here are some pics of my Samantha and those super yummy cookies I made and Valentine goodies...

teacher gifts

sugar cookies

Samantha ready for a party

Samantha and her cookies 

Have a super sweet Valentines Day!!!
~*~ Blessings ~*~

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whatcha workin' on Wednesday-Chair pad makeover

Hey there, happy Wednesday! Well I have decided to make Wednesdays my "Whatcha workin' on Wednesday?"  I will see how it will go since my plans of creating and crafting always seem to be interrupted or postponed by, well, life and kids! So this is my first post {grin}  ok so I decided to share my chair pad makeover I did today. The make part is making the plain cheap chair pads pretty.  My original idea was to make these for my stools at my bar counter but after they were finished I didn't like how they still looked to small for the seat of the stool. Sooo I looked around and found the perfect places to put them, on my daughters chair and rocking chair! They fit just fine and boy did I make her happy :0)   ok so here is the basic supplies I used: The 4 pack of chair pads from good old Wal-Mart, and kitchen towels ( I actually bought these on vacation from a store that has lots always and cheap and my fav color tones). I used two towels for each chair pad. The ties are made from the extra pieces of towel. It was pretty easy to do. Check out the pictures below.....

template I made

my supplies


I cut the strips 1 1/2" wide, folded in half and pressed

folded each edge in and pressed

The ties all sewn
Tuck 2 ties on the inside on each corner before sewing :)

Roll the chair pad up and stuff in

Fold open edges in and sew closed

Chair pad for her desk chair

Chair pad for her rocking chair.
Well all in all I think my idea turned out pretty good, maybe not for what I originally wanted it for, but it definitely was not wasted. Samantha loves her "new" chairs and I am happy to  :0)
So what are you workin' on???