Monday, August 20, 2012

Princess Samantha's Birthday Party

*******Happy 4th Birthday Samantha*******

Yes my little, oh I mean big girl, Samantha has turned four now! She really has grown alot since her last birthday, well she was soooo much better at her doctors appointment this year since last year. Words can't even begin to explain how she was before, she would just freak out and go into crazy mode. She would try to kick, hit, bite, spit, scream, yell, say "I don't like you!" ....and so on. It would litterally take her hours to stop sniffiling from how worked up she would get. Crazy! So this year was a 360 opposite and I am so glad she has finally reached this point!
 Now onto her princess party. She is a complete girlie girl all the way, so her wanting a princess party was expected :)  We did all the decorations ourselves. I made tissue poms to hang. I made rosettes to hang also on the walls. I made her banner from a free printable download I found on  it was by Sarah Hope Designs. I added the circles all around the outer edge to make it a scalloped circle then added tiny circles to each scallop that I punched out of glitter cardstock. Yes a little time consuming but I love how it turned out and so did Sam! I threaded each letter then onto ribbon to hang. I just LOVE how her pom pom bunting looked! I just threaded sparkly pom poms I got at michaels onto fishing line and thats it. So easy and super cute. I thought it would tie together with the polka dots in the other decorations. I combined that with some tuelle and a cute bunting it was.
 Ok I think my favorite thing was the bubble gum "machine" that I made. It turned out super adorable and Sam was so happy with it. This is not my own creation, I had seen it somewhere but I forgot to write it down{yikes} so whoever did come up with it, thanks! I painted a clay pot and saucer white, used E6000 glue to attach a glass bowl to the clay pot turned upside down and added a knob that I also painted white to the saucer, thats it! I just decorated it with some ribbons and tuelle and circles that I punched out of the glittery cardstock. So cute!! Well I used glue dots to adhere the decorations so I can take it all off and reuse it for more future parties, good idea right :)  So of course it was part of the candy buffet. The candy was mostly bought at stores except for some strawberry candies we got through  OhNuts!.com and then some crown lollipops and candy bracelets/necklaces we got through  Candy Warehouse.
 I made her cake which was a Princess. I used my batter bowl to bake the cake and frosted it all, then piped some decorations on the dress part and added some candy pearls. I had Hannah cover the body of the doll top that I got at Michaels with fondont and we added some pearls to that also. This was my first time making a doll cake and I think It turned out pretty good. Of course I can see all the imperfections but Sam was beyond happy with her cake so that's all that counted :)  She LOVED it! We also had cupcakes that Sam decorated, she just couldn't sit and watch it all happen, she had to help :)
 Here are some pictures for you to check out.........

Princess Samantha

Candy Buffet

Princess Doll Cake

Candy Buffet and Cake Table

Cupcakes decorated by Sam

Candy Buffet

Bubblegum "Machine"


The Streamers draped across the ceiling
 Well the party was lots of fun and Princess Samantha loved every little thing about her party and birthday. She kept hugging me and saying "Thank You, Thank You Mom, your the best mom ever"  {awww}  So that was awesome and it ment that I accomplished what I set out to do  ;) 
 Thanks for stopping by and have a BLESSED day!!

~*~ Jen~*~

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