Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Craft Fun...

Well first let me start with saying that we, my oldest daughter and I, are completely addicted to Pinterest! We can spend hours on there site if we are not careful :) There is so much creativity and ideas it can get overwhelming. Well Hannah was on and found this great craft to make suncatchers on crafster.org  So she starts gathering beads but we didnt have enough of the pony beads on hand so we had to buy some more, darn :) Hannah picked some neon colored ones and Sam picked more see through colors. They were super easy to make, just pour the beads in a pan- we used a disposable cake pan- and bake at 400 for a bit. We just watched until they looked all melted. Be prepared though, the smell is awful so we opened windows and had the fan going to help keep it aired out. We let them cool and they poped right out of  the pan. there were some spaces in ours so we didn't have to drill any holes before we threaded some ribbon to hang them. They turned out so pretty!! Check them out....

Hannah and Sam

Sams suncatcher

Hannahs suncatcher
Well they funny thing also is I didn't realize my pans had a Hefty logo and star shape in the bottom of it until we had them finished! Oh well :) 

  Hannah and her friend were on Pinterest one day and saw this crayon art. You glue crayons to a piece of cardstock and then take a hairdryer to them and let them run down as they melt. It looks super cool and the possibilities are endless for designs you could come up with! It doesn't take long once they get heated up, and we did them outside so any drips would be in the grass and not my floors :) So can you guess what I will be buy loads of after the school supplies go on clearance, {grin}
 Who knows what we will find next to do... well actually Hannah is working on some flowers now :)

~*~Happy Crafting~*~

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