Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Salted caramel cookies and brownies

So I just wanted to share this recipe for these super yummy desserts. I can't remember if I saw this first on pinterest or another blog. I know thats bad to not write it down but I didn't. I took a box of cookie dough mix and mixed it up as it said then I rolled it into balls and put each ball into a mini muffin pan that I sprayed with pam. I baked them about 15 min. at 350 but it will depend on how big you make the balls of dough. When they come out of the oven I used the end of a scoop to make indentions, then let it set for a couple minutes before I put them onto a cooling rack to finish cooling. I then melted 1 1/2 cups of caramels with 1Tbsp. of water until smooth, then added 2Tbsp. milk and stirred well. Next I poured the caramel into each cookie cup then sprinkled coarse salt on top. That's it! and boy are they yummy!!
  So my idea was to take the same concept and make brownie cups instead of cookie cups. OK so this is my FAV! these were sooo good. I used the pilsbury brownie mocha mix. My fav starbucks drink is the salted caramel mocha so this was just like that!! Super yummy, you should try them. You can use whatever cookie or brownie recipe you like. Here are some pics...

cookie dough balls ready to bake

making the indention

filling with caramel

Adding the salt

Ready to eat!  Yummm
The Brownie cups
 As you can see there are flecks of color in the cookie dough cups, thats because I used a Pilsbury Halloween box mix and it had sprinkles in the mix. I will warn you they are bite sized so you will want to eat more than you probably should  :0)

~~What you will need:
                Favorite cookie mix or brownie mix and prepared as needed
                Mini muffin pan
                No stick spray

                    1 1/2 cups of caramels unwrapped
                    1 Tbsp. water
                    2 Tbsp. milk
                    2 Tbsp. coarse salt

Pre heat the oven to 350
Prepare your cookie or brownie mix as needed and roll into about 1 1/2 inch balls.
Spray your mini muffin pan with cooking spray
Put a dough ball into each muffin spot, if making brownies just fill about 2/3 full
Bake for about 15 min. it will vary so just keep checking them
After they come out of the oven use the end of a spoon or whatever to make the indention
Cool a couple min in the pan then remove to a cooling rack to finish cooling
Melt caramels and water till smooth
Add milk and stir well
Pour into each cookie or brownie cup, be careful not to overflow  :0)
Sprinkle coarse salt on top and thats it!

~Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!~

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini s'mores

Ok so I just have to show you our lil' mini s'mores we made. These are so tiny they are so cute!  We used the new Honey Maid Lil' Squares by Nabisco, some mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. We put about six mini chocolate chips on a lil' square and and mini marshmallow on top and poped them in the microwave for a few seconds, just until the marshmallow started to puff up then took that out and put the top square on and that's it! The kids loved them because they were so cute and tiny :0)

Cute right! I usually eat one, sometimes two, of a full size s'more and I'm done. These are just small enough for little hands also. They are almost popable! A fun easy way to do some quick s'mores with the kiddos!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Princess Samantha's Birthday Party

*******Happy 4th Birthday Samantha*******

Yes my little, oh I mean big girl, Samantha has turned four now! She really has grown alot since her last birthday, well she was soooo much better at her doctors appointment this year since last year. Words can't even begin to explain how she was before, she would just freak out and go into crazy mode. She would try to kick, hit, bite, spit, scream, yell, say "I don't like you!" ....and so on. It would litterally take her hours to stop sniffiling from how worked up she would get. Crazy! So this year was a 360 opposite and I am so glad she has finally reached this point!
 Now onto her princess party. She is a complete girlie girl all the way, so her wanting a princess party was expected :)  We did all the decorations ourselves. I made tissue poms to hang. I made rosettes to hang also on the walls. I made her banner from a free printable download I found on  it was by Sarah Hope Designs. I added the circles all around the outer edge to make it a scalloped circle then added tiny circles to each scallop that I punched out of glitter cardstock. Yes a little time consuming but I love how it turned out and so did Sam! I threaded each letter then onto ribbon to hang. I just LOVE how her pom pom bunting looked! I just threaded sparkly pom poms I got at michaels onto fishing line and thats it. So easy and super cute. I thought it would tie together with the polka dots in the other decorations. I combined that with some tuelle and a cute bunting it was.
 Ok I think my favorite thing was the bubble gum "machine" that I made. It turned out super adorable and Sam was so happy with it. This is not my own creation, I had seen it somewhere but I forgot to write it down{yikes} so whoever did come up with it, thanks! I painted a clay pot and saucer white, used E6000 glue to attach a glass bowl to the clay pot turned upside down and added a knob that I also painted white to the saucer, thats it! I just decorated it with some ribbons and tuelle and circles that I punched out of the glittery cardstock. So cute!! Well I used glue dots to adhere the decorations so I can take it all off and reuse it for more future parties, good idea right :)  So of course it was part of the candy buffet. The candy was mostly bought at stores except for some strawberry candies we got through  OhNuts!.com and then some crown lollipops and candy bracelets/necklaces we got through  Candy Warehouse.
 I made her cake which was a Princess. I used my batter bowl to bake the cake and frosted it all, then piped some decorations on the dress part and added some candy pearls. I had Hannah cover the body of the doll top that I got at Michaels with fondont and we added some pearls to that also. This was my first time making a doll cake and I think It turned out pretty good. Of course I can see all the imperfections but Sam was beyond happy with her cake so that's all that counted :)  She LOVED it! We also had cupcakes that Sam decorated, she just couldn't sit and watch it all happen, she had to help :)
 Here are some pictures for you to check out.........

Princess Samantha

Candy Buffet

Princess Doll Cake

Candy Buffet and Cake Table

Cupcakes decorated by Sam

Candy Buffet

Bubblegum "Machine"


The Streamers draped across the ceiling
 Well the party was lots of fun and Princess Samantha loved every little thing about her party and birthday. She kept hugging me and saying "Thank You, Thank You Mom, your the best mom ever"  {awww}  So that was awesome and it ment that I accomplished what I set out to do  ;) 
 Thanks for stopping by and have a BLESSED day!!

~*~ Jen~*~

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hannah's Zebra and Pink Party!

Happy Birthday Hannah!!
Well Hannah and I have been planning her 13th birthday party for quite awhile now. Hannah knew she wanted a zebra and bright pink theme. We both just love to go onto the party websites like and look at all the absolutely amazing parties people create. So we set out to create an amazing party. I have always loved decorating for my kids birthday parties, I even covered our entire ceiling in blue streamer with sea animals hanging from fishing line, to create an under the sea effect for my son. That was a long time ago :) Anyway, Hannah had all the input as to what she wanted. She wanted a candy buffet in her theme, she also wanted her cake a specific way and she decorated it herself with a little help from mom {me} We tried to make everything ourselves. The banner we made, I punched out black circles from cardstock and attached each one behind the zebra cardstock to get the scallop look I wanted. Took more time but the end result was great. Hannah found a font she liked and made them the size she wanted on my computer and printed them out on pink cardstock and we cut them out. We threaded each letter block onto pink tuelle and hung it all up. We draped more pink tuelle and black pompom trim across the front of the table for bunting and Hannah added the little tissue pom to the center. Each jar of candy had a cute label of what was inside and some ribbon wrapped around it or tied to it. Hannah tied ribbons to the scoops and we added a Thankyou label, we made, to the zebra bags we ordered from We bought some candy at the store and then ordered the rock candy, watermelon licorice, strawberry candies from then ordered the blackberry candy sticks from So I have to say one of my favorite things was the way we displayed the cupcakes. I took an old black candle holder/chandilier and tied ribbons and tuelle all over it then set the cupcakes in the candle cups and they fit perfect! I LOVE how it looked! Hannah decorated the cupcakes, she didn't want anything on them so you just saw the pretty piped icing :) Did I mention she would like to goto pastry school {grin}    I baked the cake layers and Hannah rolled out the fondont in white and black. I helped roll pink fondont into small balls and Hannah made all the zebra stripes from the black. She assembled it all herself and I have to say she did AWESOME! We also made peanut butter cookie blossoms with the hugs kisses-yummo-   Well her friends loved the candy buffet ~of course :) and it was all a big hit with family also so I guess I would say we did it together and it was an amazing 13th birthday! Take a peek at our pictures and have a great day!  



Hannahs zebra cake she decorated

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Craft Fun...

Well first let me start with saying that we, my oldest daughter and I, are completely addicted to Pinterest! We can spend hours on there site if we are not careful :) There is so much creativity and ideas it can get overwhelming. Well Hannah was on and found this great craft to make suncatchers on  So she starts gathering beads but we didnt have enough of the pony beads on hand so we had to buy some more, darn :) Hannah picked some neon colored ones and Sam picked more see through colors. They were super easy to make, just pour the beads in a pan- we used a disposable cake pan- and bake at 400 for a bit. We just watched until they looked all melted. Be prepared though, the smell is awful so we opened windows and had the fan going to help keep it aired out. We let them cool and they poped right out of  the pan. there were some spaces in ours so we didn't have to drill any holes before we threaded some ribbon to hang them. They turned out so pretty!! Check them out....

Hannah and Sam

Sams suncatcher

Hannahs suncatcher
Well they funny thing also is I didn't realize my pans had a Hefty logo and star shape in the bottom of it until we had them finished! Oh well :) 

  Hannah and her friend were on Pinterest one day and saw this crayon art. You glue crayons to a piece of cardstock and then take a hairdryer to them and let them run down as they melt. It looks super cool and the possibilities are endless for designs you could come up with! It doesn't take long once they get heated up, and we did them outside so any drips would be in the grass and not my floors :) So can you guess what I will be buy loads of after the school supplies go on clearance, {grin}
 Who knows what we will find next to do... well actually Hannah is working on some flowers now :)

~*~Happy Crafting~*~

Saturday, June 30, 2012

under construction

HI! well I am starting this new blog for all my other creative crafts I love to do along with my prim crafts. I'm still getting it all set up so it will be a little bit, but hopefully not to long :) until I have it all together. I'm so excited to share my creativity with you and learn tons more as I go! So check back soon to see my progress :)
~*~ Jen~*~